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Google Presence Boost – Free Listings

Google Presence Boost - Free Listings - By Chrome Creative Web Design | For Small Businesses | Chester

Boost your Google presence with Free listings!

As a small business owner on a tight budget, learning how to boost your Google presence with free listings is a really nifty little hack!

Because if you’ve read some of our other Blogs, you’ll know by now that when it comes to advertising your website, Google presence is EVERYTHING.

Uploading details is time consuming. And tedious. But it’s free, and it will do wonders for boosting your Google presence.

As a result, your business should be repeated more often in the ‘organic listings’, making your company more visible online.

Ultimately, this should place you ahead of your competitors, generate more traffic to your website, and result in more sales!

Hello Business Listing Websites

But there are a few rules you should follow, to really make it worth your while…

Mix things up

Generally, there are a few different kinds of listings to look for, and a mix of each is best.

Most importantly, there are a few key sites that actually work with Google, and you should definitely list your company on all of these.

Secondly, you should look for some industry specific listing sites as well, and always look for the most popular ones first! Which sites are your competitors on?

Thirdly, add a few general listings – they too can be surprisingly useful.

Profile Tips

Above all, make sure you include a link to your website when you build your listing.

It’s important to get good quality links pointing to your website from elsewhere.

And business listings is a great way to achieve that as you are able to action this yourself.

Have some really clean, striking and memorable images that represent your business at the ready.

In particular, your business logo.

Of course, Jpeg of png files are the most universal.

Finally, don’t repeat content. Make sure you write a fresh description for each new listing.

And don’t copy & paste from your website! The bots don’t like it.


As you know, reviews are internet gold dust!

The more you have, the more your online credibility improves.

As a result, your business once again becomes more visible online.

So that you can get the most out of this hack, aim to get at least 1-5 reviews on each platform if you can.

A Few Of Our Faves

So we have compiled a list of sites for you to chew through, starting with our top five big performers.

But keep an eye out for our next blog which will include a whole truckload more!

This one is an absolute must.

Due to the high traffic feeding into this digital version of the Yellow pages, a Yell listing is prime.

Particularly if you opt for the paid listing.

Of course, the free listing option however, will help A LOT if you don’t have an advertising budget.

Yelp is an online local business listing website, however it packs a mighty punch!

Most importantly, it’s one of the biggest online review providers, and it specialises in local businesses.

Secondly, Google displays results from Yelp into its own local organic results.


UK Small Business Directory gets an estimated 80k visits A MONTH!

But you will need our help with this one, as they require you to display their logo plus a link swap on your website.

A small price to pay for such POWERFUL advertising!


Scoot was around 15 years ago when I first started my own company, and it’s still going strong today!

But better than that, it’s one of the top ranking sites out there.

Moreover, it actually powers at least 5 more top UK directories.


Cylex draws it’s popularity in the UK, from it’s global pull.

Interestingly, the information held on UK local businesses is manually evaluated by their (human) staff.

So this means that you get quality web directory, with up to date data.