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Joining The FSB

Chrome-Creative: Web Design for small businesses - Joining the FSB

Hi everyone, I’m Amy, and I am here today to talk about joining the FSB, and why you should do it!

I am a web designer at Chrome-Creative.

But more than that, I am a small business owner, just like you.

And having been self employed with a small business for over fifteen years, I can honestly say that…

‘Joining the FSB was the single best decision I made for my business!’

What is the FSB?

The FSB (Federation of Small Businesses) is a not-for-profit organisation, who look after small businesses like yours.

With this in mind, the FSB offers a range of invaluable support services for free to it’s members.

Why is it worth joining the FSB?

I met with one of the representatives, and became clear pretty quickly to me why I needed to join.

And these are just three reasons that won me over:

Free Business Banking

Straight away, you get your money’s worth out of the £150 annual membership fee with the offer of free business banking.

The banking partner is The Co-Operative Bank, and the essential business banking services that you need are completely free!

Moreover, it’s easy to manage your finances.

Such as paying in cash at your local post office, online banking, in branch and telephone banking.

Plus, you get a £25 annual bonus from The Co-Op for your loyalty.

Basically, joining the FSB for me, was already worth it!

Chrome-Creative: Web Design for small businesses - Free Legal Advice

Free Legal Advice

Without doubt, this has been the most useful service to me. I didn’t realise how much I’d need it.

And I’ve used it A LOT!

For example, I designed a site whereby the images supplied didn’t actually belong to the customer.

I worried that I may be in breach of usage rights, and might get stung later.

A quick call to the FSB and a member of their legal team took my query, then gave me clear advice.

And I was able to resolve the situation, without a hitch!

Also recently, I’ve contacted the legal team for advice on consumer rights and employment rights.

Overall, this service has saved me thousands per year!

Are you sold yet?!

Health & Wellbeing Care

By far, this is the service that means the most to me.

Just when I needed it most, the FSB gave me…. A nurse. For real.

Most importantly, when you have a business to run, you have to maintain good health and mental wellbeing.

Your business can’t run without you, and we need you in top form for success!

But should you become unwell, with a serious physical or mental health condition, the FSB offers free access to an experienced, registered, personal nurse advisor.

Ready To Join?

I mean, I’m not sure if all of those ‘Join Now’ buttons were too subtle or not.

But if you hadn’t already guessed it, we LOVE the FSB and highly reccommend becoming a member.

Particularly if you are a sole trader, or a new start up business.

Because you will never be short of any help and support, they can advise you on just about everything for free, and they give the small businesses of the UK a very powerful voice!

Of course, you can learn more via the website, or if you’re sold already, you can join right now using any of the buttons on this blog!

And trust me when I say, it will probably be:

‘The single best decision you make for your business!’